Gizmo in WeHo

This Halloween I designed my own Gizmo costume based on Rambo style in Gremlins 2. I literally thought, what am I going to be for Halloween, then looked around my room and saw the singing Gizmo doll my brother bought for me. I used the same basic pattern as my Yoshi costume, except I wanted to make this year's more of a dress form. It was, however, more difficult to construct because I needed to make all different parts of the fur into different shapes and pieces, as well as have the hood break into three separate panels. I was worried mostly about getting the ears to stick and stay out, but that was all solved with stiff fabric spray (amazing)!
I wanted to have the full Rambo Gizmo attire, but I knew I'd be walking around and didn't feel like carrying a bow everywhere, so instead I just got a giant pencil from the dollar store and fastened it onto a crochet rope. In the end, some quick in-seaming of the bottom sides of my costume completely shortened my costume to show off butt-cleavage, but after a few drinks, I gave into the Halloween-is-the-only-day-it's-OK-to-look-slutty appeal. Plus some cropping makes it all better!
Gizmo and Shredder

Gizmo adopted by Cinderella and Prince Charming

Rufio, Gizmo, and back-up dancer from Alejandro video.
So, no one identified me as Gizmo, until I gave them hints like, "I turn evil if you feed me after midnight," but it was still a very fun and cute costume. I'll probably dress up and take a full body shot sometime to post when I'm not lazy (or drunk). Thank you to my best friend, Reyn, for hosting me all week and taking me out for Halloween. Also thank you for stealing my gallon water to prevent me from turning into a gremlin!


  1. That is a really cute costume! You pull off Gizmo perfectly!


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