Life of a Sea Otter.

I took this questionaire years ago that, whether true or convenient, had some of the most self-enlightening results. Here is the copy of it (if you want to do this questionaire I suggest you answer the questions alongside your read before you scroll down!):

1) Name your favorite animal. Why is it your favorite?Lovebird; they can be loving and nurturing, as well as vicious. They make good companions when you treat them well, and are really cute.

2) Second favorite? Why?Otter; they are happy and have fun, living life relaxing, floating peacefully on their backs, basking in the sun. I imagine they feel really warm and good.

3) You are standing in front of a brick wall. What are you thinking?I'm thinking about how massive and sturdy it is, and how terrifying it would be if it were to
crumble and fall on me.

4) You are standing outside, facing the ocean. It is perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight, and the water is completely calm. What are you thinking?I'm thinking how soothing and perfect things seem, and wondering how long it'll stay like this.

5) Choose one: Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Explain your choice.
Coffee; it always satisfies me and makes me feel stable and happy.

Ready? Scroll down.

1) This is reflective of how you see yourself.
2) This is what you wish you could be.
3) This is your attitude towards life.
4) This is your attitude towards death.
5) This is your attitude towards sex!

Interesting, huh?

It gave me a deeper gratification for the life of an otter, or at least how I see them via photographs and zoo trips. I made these little sea otters on their backs with shells. Originally I had plan to sell them, but I became so in love with them that I can't bring myself to give them away:
I could literally spend hours watching them. This past July I went to the Seattle Aquarium (which was a shocking $17 entry!) and captured some of the best sea otter photos during feeding time:
I truly wish I was an otter for a day.