Susuwatari meets Domokun

Two summers ago, my friend, Alex, moved to Japan. Since then, we have rarely been in contact, so I was very happy this past Christmas when he called. Of course feelings and memories came flooding back, and I had the urge to make him something. He wanted me to crochet something special that no one else would have and decided on a Susuwatari. They are little soot sprites that appear in the animations, "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away." For Christmas, my sister gave me the perfect frayed black yarn I needed to do this project. Of course, like many projects I begin, I have a habit of working on another at the same time. Thus, I managed to finish Susuwatari, as well as Domokun, together:

I hope Susuwatari enjoys his new company and home with Alex, wish I could join too!