Icy Creamster

Utter the words, "ice cream" around me and you'll be greeted by gleaming eyes of desire and hope. In fact, I'm eating ice cream as I write this post. My addiction managed to manifest itself into a creature that I hadn't fathomed before, but came to be as a challenge with Blamo's Minky Monkey show.

This is my third Blamo custom and once again I found myself apprehensive about breaking down any part of the initial craftsmanship. However, once the monster I dubbed, "Icy Creamster" came to fruition, I was driven to manifest this piece to the fullest.

May he forever come to my ice cream rescue.


  1. Hi,love your work! Do you still have your patterns from your bubble bobble crochet amigurumi? My daughter really wants a pink pub dragon,and all others crafter have removed their patterns from esty. Rebecca.

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