Saturday, February 20, 2016

Death by Battery Acid

Two decades ago I became obsessed with this Muppet Babies keyboard I rescued from my neighbor. I was so excited to find it this holiday, but became super devastated when I noticed the batteries had corroded the interior. After failing to resuscitate the keyboard, I was forced to accept that battery acid claimed the life of yet another childhood electronic!

As it happens, I was in the middle of building Gameby stock, and, reeling from the loss of my keyboard, I imprinted the sadness onto a few Gamebys. It resulted in a cross between my Damaged Goods and I Agore You line...

I left the red battery glow as a haunting tease of what once was. It doesn't resurrect any of my loss electronics, but it sure serves as an adorable memorial for them all. Although since it's game over, I guess it's more of a GameOby instead of Gameby.