Thursday, April 18, 2013


In my four years of crocheting amigurumi, one thing that hasn't changed is my all-over-ness projects. Between customs, I'll have random characters to make and the tendency to touch-up or continue pieces I've started on long before. So, this time I decided to reconstruct the essence of an old friend I made yeas ago called, "Incognitosaur."

Even though reptiles and dinosaurs have always been dear to me, I rarely crochet any. That's why when I started this project weeks ago, it took me so long to post because I kept adding to it. There are still a few versions I haven't documented, but I decided I've been waiting too long not to debut what I have already. So, without further delay, I introduce my new friend, "Rexy," and all his adaptations:




"Damaged Goods Rexy"


They're my new obsession! And although once again, I am pulled away with other commissions, I will return to this line. Be on the lookout : )

Saturday, April 6, 2013

So Seriously Cute

My longtime twigga, jMEEZYs commissioned me to make seriously cute comic book villain, Joker. I was super excited cause I haven't made any DC comics characters yet, and Joker is probably my favorite. He may be criminally insane, but I love him just the same for it. 

I initially wanted to make his coat removable, but since he is so small, I decided it would be too bulky. The technique I used gives the working coat effect anyway, so I'm glad it worked out.

Since I usually do Nintendo and cartoon renditions, I loved the change of character scene this time. Not sure who I'll tackle next, but my time in Arkham City has been happily spent.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I filled my lack of canine companionship again with a commission to make a uniquely-patterned dog named Frisky.

Her owner wanted the "thumbs up" on the forehead to be prominent, but the most difficulty I had was creating the color pattern on her back!

All in all, she was challenging but very fun to work on! I especially love the elongated body. With characteristics and a name like that, she must be an incredible dog to have around. I'm excited to see the two together : )