The Force is Cute with this One

A few days ago I thought about how awesome Yoda is (as I'm sure most people do), so, I decided to make Yoda.

My favorite part was the construction of his head, because not only is it cute and looks like him, but I perfected male-pattern baldness! Maybe I should make Larry David next!

I always planned to make him smaller than most of my amigurumi, but initially he was supposed to be larger than what he turned out to be. When I was halfway done with his body, I measured his head up to it and thought that height as it was would be perfect.

The hood was the most frustrating thing to make because I wanted it to be removable and replicate the fit of a Jedi robe. I used a J gauge hook and double-stitched a flat piece and a semicircle together. I was going to stitch sleeves on the arm holes, but the arms of Yoda are so tiny that the robe already covers them for the most part.

So overall, he was a simple and fun project! He kindof looks like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew - which reminds me I was supposed to crochet him and Beaker a while ago...


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